Mashu and Kussharo 100km Long Walk♪Event (July)(100km歩こうよ♪大会 in 摩周・屈斜路)

  • Let's Walk 100km!

To participate in the Mashu and Kussharo 100km Long Walk♪Event is to experience a full wave of emotions and impressions. Whether as a “supporter” or “walker”, participants work together, offering encouragement and supporting each other to reach the 100km goal. Checkpoints along the way offer food, drinks, and even massages(!) to keep you going. Hokkaido’s bounteous nature and pristine scenery keep your eyes and mind occupied, as well as the opportunity to make new friends as you walk. Starting early in the morning on the first day, walkers aim to reach the 100km by the following morning. Overcoming these challenges truly make it a once in a lifetime experience!

<Event Details>
■When:Early July
■Entry Fee:Supporter 5,000yen(Junior high school students and under, 3,000yen), Walker 13,000yen (JHS students and under, 5000yen)
■Location:Start and Finish at Kawayu Hot Springs
■Official website:


  1. GranFondo Mashu (August)(グランフォンド摩周)

  2. Mashu Lake Agricultural Festival (August)(摩周湖農業祭~たぶん日本で一番早い新そば祭り~)

  3. Diamond Dust in Kawayu(ダイヤモンドダスト in KAWAYU)

  4. Mashu no Sato / Hometown Summer Festival (July)(摩周の里 夏まつり)

  5. SUMMER JACK(August)

  6. Gensen Festival at Kawayu Hot Springs (August)(湯のまち川湯 源泉まつり)

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