Mashu Lake Agricultural Festival (August)(摩周湖農業祭~たぶん日本で一番早い新そば祭り~)

The Earliest Shin Soba Festival in Japan

Only newly harvested buckwheat is used to make shin (new) soba, so this festival is hugely popular and repeat visitors travel from far and wide to savor the sweet and rich flavor of Mashu shin soba. Mashu soba is well-known around the world, so Mashu shin soba truly is a rare gem for soba enthusiasts.
At the festival. the soba noodles are complemented with lovingly prepared tempura dishes made with locally grown vegetables, and visitors jostle to try juicy Mashu melon and delicious Mashu-reared wagyu beef. On stage there are singing and dancing performances. Other amusing events such as a food quiz show, and soba-eating contests complete the lively atmosphere.

<Event Details>
■When:Late August
■Entry Fee: Free
■Location : JA Mashuko A Co-op car park (Address: Teshikaga-cho Chuo 2-chome)
■Enquiries:015-482-2104 (Mashuko Agricultural Cooperative)


  1. Cafe Kitchen Mashu No Mori(カフェ&キッチン 摩周の森)

  2. Suigo Park(水郷公園)

  3. Kanno-ryokan(Japanese-Inn)(菅野旅館)

  4. The Great Bear Restaurant(レストラン ザ・グレートベア)

  5. Kumaushi(くまうし)

  6. North East Canoe Center(ノースイーストカヌーセンター)

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