Teshikaga Extreme Cold Art Festival “Gokkan ARt” (February~March)(てしかが極寒ARtフェスティバル)

  • Teshikaga Extreme Cold ARt Festival

A unique festival exhibiting original art at temperatures of -30 degrees centigrade.

Part 1 【Yukimori Outdoor Museum】※Extreme cold natural art collaboration
At the heart of the Gokkan ARt Festival is the Yukimori Outdoor Museum, that is set in open woodland in freezing winter conditions, hence the word “Gokkan Art”, or “extreme cold art”.
Hot steam rises from the Kawayu Hot Springs resort town and permeates through the cold air, covering the forest with rime ice. Visitors can wonder at this magical scene whilst viewing over thirty original art pieces. There are contributions from celebrated Japanese artists such as Tsuneo Sekiguchi, Jun Honma, Noda Tomoyuki as well as international artists from France, Taiwan, Korea, and so on.
In the 2019 event, the evening illumination attracted and enchanted over 1000 visitors.
The Outdoor Museum is open from daybreak to 9pm. Entry is free, but please note the exhibition is closed during bad weather.

Part 2【Art Event】※Open performance
Performances and workshops are staged nightly with artists from all over Japan showcasing their various talents. Traditional Indonesian music and dance, live calligraphy, traditional Japanese music, and sand art are among the many fascinating and intriguing sessions, which are open to all visitors every evening, from early to late February (Free entry / tips welcome).
※Performances may be cancelled or postponed due to bad weather or unforeseen circumstances.

Part 3 【Reception Party】※Meet the artists.
Visitors are welcome to meet and chat with the artists.
From 6pm (Entry fee 2000yen)

Part 4【Art Lessons for local schools】※Closed Event
Our artists give classes to small local schools in the Teshikaga area.

<Event Details>
■When:For one month from Early February to Early March
■Location : Teshikaga-cho Kawayu Onsen, (Address: Teshikaga-cho Kawayu Onsen 3-chome 2-40)
■Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/kawayu.artinn?fref=nf
■Enquiries:mail:onsen@gold.ocn.ne.jp(ECAF office)


  1. Cottage Log House Kawayu(コテージ ログハウス川湯)

  2. Natural Yeast Bakery Birth(天然酵母パン工房 Birth)

  3. Wild Azalea Walk at Tsutsujigahara Nature Trail (June)(つつじヶ原の散策)

  4. Mashu Lake Agricultural Festival (August)(摩周湖農業祭~たぶん日本で一番早い新そば祭り~)

  5. Mashu Tamu Kiln(川湯陶房 摩周多夢窯)

  6. Gensen Festival at Kawayu Hot Springs (August)(湯のまち川湯 源泉まつり)

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