Diamond Dust in Kawayu(ダイヤモンドダスト in KAWAYU)

  • Diamond Dust in Kawayu

Diamond dust refers to ice crystals that form in the air near or at ground level. This phenomenon occurs at temperatures below -10℃ – a common feature of Kawayu’s winter climate – so there is ample opportunity to see the beautiful sight of diamond dust sparkling and shimmering in the cold winter air every year.
There are two main features of the Diamond Dust event. The first is the “Tomoshibi no Mori”, or Lantern Forest. Candles are lit inside lanterns sculpted in snow, creating a warm, magical atmosphere. The beauty of the forest is enhanced by the soft glowing light. It is a particularly popular spot for visitors to take snaps and post them on their social media feeds.
The second feature is the Diamond Dust Illumination. Every evening from 5pm, bright lights are pointed to the sky so that visitors can witness the spectacular diamond dust rising into the night sky.
Be sure to check the official facebook page for information on the many family friendly events taking place during this period.

<Event Details>
■When:Late January to late February
■Time : 5pm to 9pm (everyday, except in bad weather)
■Entry Fee: Free
■Location : Kawayu River Garden (Kawayu Kawaenchi), Kawayu Onsen, (Address: Teshikaga-cho Kawayu Onsen 2-chome)
■Official web page: https://www.kawayu-events.com/
■Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/DaiyamondodasutoShiXingWeiYuanHui/
■Enquiries:015-482-2200(Lake Mashu Tourist Association)


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  2. Kawayu Kanko Hotel(川湯観光ホテル)

  3. WAKKA BBB(ワッカBBB)

  4. Cafe NOBLE(café NOBLE)

  5. Natural Yeast Bakery Birth(天然酵母パン工房 Birth)

  6. Miraku Sushi(味楽寿司)

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