Gensen Festival at Kawayu Hot Springs (August)(湯のまち川湯 源泉まつり)

  • Gensen Festival at Kawayu Hot Springs

The Gensen Festival is held to celebrate the source of Kawayu Town’s hot springs. This charming festival is held in the streets of Kawayu in early to mid-August over several days.
The hot spring source is clearly visible as its steam billows alongside Kawayu’s streets and buildings. Against this magical backdrop, the festival provides a fair-like atmosphere with game stalls and candy stalls for children and adults alike to amuse themselves. The jewel in the crown of the Gensen Festival is the wonderful Ainu Ancient Ceremonial Dance, performed daily.

<Event Details>
■When : For 10-12 days from early to mid-August
■Time : 7pm to 9pm
■Entry Fee: Free
■Location : Kawayu River Garden (Kawayu Kawaenchi), Kawayu Onsen, (Address: Teshikaga-cho Kawayu Onsen 2-chome)
■Enquiries:015-483-2211 (Gensen Festival Executive Committee (Oyado Kinkiyu)
※Cancelled if raining.


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