Mashu no Sato / Hometown Summer Festival (July)(摩周の里 夏まつり)

A long-cherished traditional community event, the Mashu no Sato Summer Festival takes place over two days in July. The first day is a display of talents as cheerful locals sing karaoke, children play in wind bands, etc. and the community joins together to perform the traditional Teshikaga Ondo folk dance. The second day children and adults are invited to compete in the exciting ball-toss game called tamaire, a memorable feature of the festival that is worth the visit alone. At the venue, local stores set up stalls and dish out delicious local foods to savor all day long.

<Event Details>
■When : Annually on the middle weekend of July
■Entry Fee: Free
■Location : Teshikaga Town Office Parking Lot. (Address: Teshikaga-cho, Chuo-1-chome)
■Enquiries : +81-15-482-2677(Mashu Frontier)


  1. Gensen Festival at Kawayu Hot Springs (August)(湯のまち川湯 源泉まつり)

  2. Okushumbetsu Camp Field(奥春別キャンプフィールド)

  3. Lake Mashu Rest House(摩周湖レストハウス)

  4. Tsujiya Dining and Goods Shop(辻谷商店・つじや食堂)

  5. Polaris Guest house(ぽらりす)

  6. Forest Inn Mashuen Guest house(フォレストイン 摩周苑)

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