Kawayu Onsen Public Foot Bath(川湯温泉街の足湯)

A steaming, atmospheric hot spring foot bath

Onsen steam floats through Kawayu’s streets and buildings, and also in the nearby Kawayu River Garden, a popular resting stop that touches the heart and soothes the soul of the weary traveler. With a bench to sit on and a roof above your head, you can enjoy the medicinal properties of this natural foot bath whilst gazing at the white steam drifting over the river towards the center of town. Also popular with the locals, the tingling sensation of the acidic waters on your feet warm your whole body and revive your senses.

~Information on use~
・Wipe your feet with a towel before use
・Bring a small towel and bath towel with you
・Do not use any bathing products such as soap. etc.



Hot spring categorization Acidic・Sulfuric・Iron(Ⅱ)-sodium-sulfate・salt spring




  1. Pension New Marimo Guest house(ペンション ニューマリモ)

  2. Pension Kumaushi Guest house(ペンション 熊牛)

  3. Koshinso / Wakoto Rest House(Japanese-Inn)(湖心荘 / 和琴レストハウス)

  4. Kawayu Eco-museum Center(川湯エコミュージアムセンター)

  5. Maruhachi: Ramen・Grill(ラーメン・炭火焼・炉ばた まるはち)

  6. Wakoto Onsen(和琴温泉)

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