◆Access to Teshikaga

JR train information
There are four train stations in Teshikaga. The nearest station to the Mashu area is Mashu station and the nearest to the Kawayu Onsen area is Kawayu Onsen station. These stations are on The JR Hokkaido Senmo Honsen Line between Kushiro station and Abashiri station.
See JR train route map ※ Click “Time Table” on the top page.

By Plane & Train
From Tokyo:
Tokyo → (airplane 95min.) → Kushiro Airport → (shuttle bus 45min.) → Kushiro Station → (JR Senmo Line 90min.~110min.) → Mashu Station/KawayuOnsen Station

By Plane & Car
From Tokyo:
Tokyo → (airplane 95min.) → Kushiro Airport → (rental car 72.4km) → Teshikaga / Mashu area
Tokyo → (airplane 105min.) → Nakashibetsu Airport → (rental car 50km) → Teshikaga / Mashu area
Tokyo → (airplane 100min.) → Memanbetsu Airport → (rental car 68km) → Teshikaga / Mashu area
Tokyo → (airplane 90min.) → Shin-chitose Airport → (rental car 314km) → Teshikaga / Mashu area

By Train
From Tokyo:
Tokyo → (JR Shinkansen 4h.30min.) → Shin-hakodate-hokuto Station → (JR Limited Express Super Hokuto 3h.00min.) → Minami-chitose Station → (JR Limited Express Super Ozora 3h.50min.~4h.30min.) → Kushiro Station → (JR Senmo Home Line 1h.30min.~1h.50min.) → Mashu Station / KawayuOnsen Station

From Sapporo:
Sapporo Station → (JR Limited Express Super Ozora 4h.00min.~4h.30min.) → Kushiro Station → (JR Senmo Honsen Line 1h.30min.~1h. 50min.) → Mashu Station / KawayuOnsen Station


◆Transportation within Teshikaga

Local Bus
There are four local bus lines in town:The Kawayu Line, The Biruwa Line, The Kussharo Line, and The Mashu Line. Timetables (all in Japanese) are available if you click the name of the bus line on the map.

There is a taxi company in town;
Mashu Taxi(摩周ハイヤー) Tel: +81-15-482-3939 only)