Cycling: Explore Teshikaga on Two Wheels

 Teshikaga has a thriving cycling scene and is well set up for cyclists of all levels. Make your trip an active one and enjoy a new travel perspective on two wheels. You can pedal through rural landscapes, explore undulating mountain roads, and tackle up-and-down forest trails. It is also possible to join a cycling tour, or take part in the annual Gran Fondo Mashu, a two-day event in which cyclists of all ages gather and ride together. It is held in late May or early June, depending on the year.

If you are staying in the Kawayu area, the 14-kilometer round-trip from Kawayu to Sunayu is relatively easy and makes for a pleasant ride. Sunayu is a sandy stretch of shoreline on Lake Kussharo with souvenir shops, bathroom facilities, and a small restaurant serving local fare. There are also more challenging uphill rides, such as the ride to Highland Koshimizu 725, the parking area with an observatory and small restaurant on the flank of Mt. Mokoto overlooking Lake Kussharo.


◎Cycling guide

◎Renting a bicycle

It is easy to rent a bicycle from one of several rental shops in the area upon arriving in Teshikaga. The main roads through Teshikaga are straight and well-maintained with little traffic, making them ideal for cycling. The area is mountainous, so plan your trip carefully to avoid any steep surprises, and be careful of wildlife, including foxes and deer that may run into the road.

【In front of JR Mashu Station】
Cafe Poppotei

【Kawayu Onsen Town】
Ezo Rider House

【Kawayu Onsen Town】
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