• Sunayu

Sunayu on the eastern shore of Lake Kussharo offers a unique open-air hot spring experience. If you dig a hole in the sandy beach, natural hot spring water gushes to the surface to create a warm pool. Visitors can soak their feet in the water while taking in the beautiful view of the lake.

The area around Sunayu can be enjoyed year-round. In summer, visitors flock to the shore to swim in the lake and go camping, while in winter, a whooper swan colony comes to Lake Kussharo from Siberia, attracted by the geothermal activity. Sunayu is a popular spot for photographers to capture shots of whooper swans against backdrops of fresh snow and frozen water. There are shops, toilets, and a campground nearby.


  1. The Wakoto Peninsula(和琴半島)

  2. Lake Kussharo Tsuruga Auberge SoRa(屈斜路湖 鶴雅オーベルジュ SoRa)

  3. Mashu Onsen Roadside Station(道の駅「摩周温泉」観光案内所)

  4. Kussharoko Monogatari Marukibune Guest house(屈斜路湖物語 丸木舟)

  5. Kussharo Eco Tours(屈斜路ecoツアーズ)

  6. Pension Gasthof Papilio Guest house(ペンション ガストホフ ぱぴりお)

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