• Summer Jack 2019

Pedestrians get to take back the street and relive the vibrant atmosphere of yesteryear at the music-inspired street festival SUMMER JACK. Artists from around Teshikaga area perform on a large stage in the downtown shopping district, and the street is lined with stalls selling an authentic variety of goods and delicacies especially for the occasion.
To complete this Pedestrian’s Paradise, tables and chairs are set up for shoppers to sit at their leisure and soak in the pleasant atmosphere, children are invited to draw colorful chalk pictures on the street, and young children can even take part in a mini-bike race.

<Event Details>
■When:Early August
■Entry Fee: Free
■Location : Downtown Teshikaga, Chuo-dori shopping district
■Facebook Page :
■Enquiries:SUMMER JACK Executive Committee


  1. Kanno-ryokan(Japanese-Inn)(菅野旅館)

  2. Lake Mashu Rest House(摩周湖レストハウス)

  3. The Great Bear Restaurant(レストラン ザ・グレートベア)

  4. Yoshimatsu: Ramen and Curry(ラーメン・カレーの店 吉松)

  5. Ryogoku: Handmade Soba(手打ちそばの 両国)

  6. Syoryuken(昇龍軒)

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