Sakuragaoka Forest Park(桜ヶ丘森林公園)

Woodland park and campsite

Situated on top of a hill adjacent to the town of Teshikaga, this park boasts a wide green space with barbecue pits perfect for a leisurely outdoor weekend.
Many wild birds cohabit this space, so people frequent the park for a relaxing forest walk, what that Japanese term “shinrinyoku”, or “forest bathing”. The park is beautiful in all seasons: In spring cherry trees blossom with spectacular pink flowers, in autumn colorful leaves grace your path, and in winter you can glide through the snow on the cross-country ski course.

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  1. Ningyo No Ie (Doll’s House)(人形の家)

  2. Azuma Sushi(東寿司)

  3. Watanabe Experience Ranch(渡辺体験牧場)

  4. Onsenminsyuku New Hatoya(Guest house)(温泉民宿 ニューはとや)

  5. Manbou Grilled Chicken(鳥やき 翻車魚)

  6. Kanehachi(かねはち)

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