Horseback Riding in Teshikaga

Consider booking a horse-riding experience for a different way to explore the Teshikaga countryside. Several companies offer tours, and there are plenty of options to choose from. The programs include short rides for children and first-timers as well as longer tours for experienced adult riders. The tours circle Teshikaga’s lakes, thread through the area’s open woods and dense forests, and across the open grasslands. Some programs include grooming and feeding the horses.

A wide range of tours
Families traveling with young children can enjoy a short horseback ride together. Parents can ride along with very young children, while older children can choose to lead a horse or take a short ride accompanied by an instructor. Tours for adults include a lakeside course, which follows a section of the Lake Kussharo shore, and a grassland course. Some longer tours include lunch and a hot-spring visit.

Horseback riding in all seasons
Horseback riding is available year-round in Teshikaga. However, note that heavy snowfall may affect the tours offered. Reservations are generally required, and popular tours may be fully booked during peak season (July and August).