Fishing in Teshikaga


Hokkaido is a prime destination for fishing, and the waterways of Teshikaga draw freshwater anglers from all over Japan. Lake Kussharo and the Kushiro River are leading destinations for trout and other freshwater fish.

Book a tour
Several businesses offer guided fishing tours in the Teshikaga area (reservations can be made through their websites). Experienced guides will give advice about the best spots to fish and about technique and appropriate bait. Note that a strict catch-and-release policy is in effect in Teshikaga.

Beyond Teshikaga’s borders
A wide variety of trout species inhabit Lake Akan, making it a prime spot for fly-fishing enthusiasts. The lake is around an hour’s drive from Teshikaga’s town center. The Lake is a popular spot for ice fishing in the winter. Anglers fish by making holes in the ice; the main catch is Japanese pond smelt. The Akan River, which flows out of Lake Akan and into the Pacific Ocean, is home to large rainbow trout.